Zupa wine museum

Situated in Aleksandrovac, 30 km from Brzeće, in the former wine cellar of agricultutal school it is a mark of the area’s 3000 year viticulture and enology tradition. Through the Middle Ages, the three biggest Serbian monasteries, Hilandar, Studenica and Žiča, had their own vineyards and wine cellars in the Župa. Župa – the Serbian Champagne, as it was called in 1904 by French Consul Deco, is located in a valley between Mount Kopaonik, Željin, Goč and Jastrebac. They say that the climate in the Župa is same as the climate in the French Bordeaux area. The outline of the development of viticulture and enology from the sixties, consisted of “Vino Župa” from Aleksandrovac, established in 1956, uniting nine agricultural cooperatives, and “Rubin” from Kruševac, founded in 1955.