Monasteries that attract pilgrims, historians and travelers will give you an alternative way to experience the Kopaonik area.

Sanctuary Metodje

Veliko Metođe sanctuary is dated to the 3rd century. It is located near a spring of thermal water with healing capacity. This national sanctuary is dedicated to the Olympic Methodius. Even the Romans built a church in the stone. The church has been, recently, reconstructed and rebuilt. Besides being a natural reserve in the Kopaonik National park, Veliko Metođe is one of the most beautiful and most mystical places in this region and a favorite destination of Kopaonik weekend excursions visitors, because it is located close to a several meters high geyser. You may get to the church by transport within 40 minutes and on foot within 1 hour. This walking path is of medium difficulty.

Lepenac monastery

Monastery Lepenac is situated near Brus, in the area of Lepenac village only 23km from Junior Hotel. The monastery church, dedicated to St. Stefan, was built at the beginning of the 15th century. Lepenac monastery is one of the largest Moravian school buildings. The monastery can be reached through an easy 700 meter trail through the woods.

Studenica monastery

Close to the picturesque gorge of the Ibar river, on the right bank of the Studenica river, surrounded by a high protective wall rises Studenica Monastery, one of the greatest and most magnificent monasteries of medieval Serbian Ortodox Church, founded by Stefan Nemanja. Studenica monastery belongs to the Serbian holy place “Valley of the Kings”, named after numerous medieval monasteries built here by Serbian rulers. About 60,000 people per year, both believers and experts in medieval culture, visit Studenica just to see “The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ” (Studenica crucifixion) fresco, that is regarded as one of the greatest in Serbia. In 1986 UNESCO included Studenica monastery on the list of World Heritage Sites. It is located 39 km from Kraljevo and 80 km from hotel Junior.